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Source: Armenians Twilight of The Ottoman Era

February 11, 1894

But He Must Send the Offending Armenian-American Citizens Out of His Country

WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. — The dispatch from Constantinople published in The Temps of Paris and cabled to this country, stating that Mr. Terrell, the United States Minister to Turkey, has threatened to send an iron-clad to secure the enforcement of his demand for the release of two American citizens, of Armenian birth, imprisoned in Northern Syria, is not credited at the State Department.

This Government has frequently acknowledged the right of a foreign power with reference to those of its subjects who become citizens of another country. Many Armenians who have returned to Armenia, after becoming naturalized citizens of the United States have been arrested, but in every case have been released and deported at the request of the State Department. The arrangement for deportation is the only concession the United States has secured from the Turkish Government in the matter, and it is considered to be as much as could be expected under the recognition by this Government of the Sultan’s right of sovereignty.

The two Armenian-American citizens arrested and imprisoned in Northern Syria will probably be released and deported at the request of Mr. Terrell. Before making any such threat as that mentioned in The Temps’s dispatch, Mr. Terrell would communicate with the State Department, and he has not yet done so.

News Reports From The International Press, Volume I, THE NEW YORK TIMES 189O-1914 Published By Genocide Documentation & Research Center, 2O11
Published Under the Aegis of the Ministry of Diaspora of the Republic if Armenia

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